Not just a retailer. It's personal.

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Updated 8/2/18

Mental health issues do not discriminate. Any age, race, religion, ethnicity, sex—we’re all game.

The girl pictured is eight-years-old and the quotes are from her journal written 1988-1989. I'm the girl in the pic and co-founder of MiMental LLC.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t diagnosed until much later in life. Catching mental illness early can not only save lives, it can greatly improve the quality of life.

Minorities report more concerns with mental health issues but seek treatment less often. This discrepancy is partly due to shame and stigma perpetuated within minority churches.


Have you frequently heard or used these phrases to describe someone: “Throws pity-parties, loner, moody, always in her/his feelings, standoffish, bad nerves, always emotional, bottled up, a keg, up and down, goes thru spells, obsessive, elevator doesn’t go up to the top floor?”

If so, it’s time to do a double take. Now is the time to know the symptoms and recognize if there may be something more going on. Don't assume. Always check in. Listen.


We're not just another retailer. It’s personal. We envision an America where it’s common to give or deliver cards, teddy bears, or gift

baskets to a loved one who's had a psychotic or depressive episode. Where all psychiatric treatment centers are adequately staffed and equipped.

Where Hollywood and the media are held accountable for the false narrative of people with mental illness being violent. Where people with mental illness are seen as strong, like others living with lifelong diseases. Where people talk about their mental illness as readily as cancer survivors. Where more people say that they’re not okay and get help.

Where more people with mental illness live happy and fulfilling lives. Where we lose fewer lives.

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